Zuzanna Chlubna Takes Off her Clubbing Outfit

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Zuzanna Chlubna – who is also known as Victoria Rose – has been a top European glamour/porn girl for quite a while, and she’s still a great favourite! And that’s very much the case at TeenDreams as well! Because not only is she an absolute beauty, but she is a very dirty girl indeed, going with girls and guys alike! Check out out previous posts about Zuzanna Chlubna on TeenDreamsBlog to see what I mean!

Zuzanna Chlubna takes off her clubbing outfitAnd, I must say, that this is one of my favourite Zuzanna Chlubna solo girl sets! You could imaging seeing her dressed like this in a club, dancing away, her nipples poking through her tight top. Oh, but even better, when she turns her back on you, you can watch her wiggle that tight ass for you! And Zuzanna knows that her behind is one of her greatest assets, and when you get her home and she strips off for you, she’ll make sure you get a good look! And when it comes to fucking her, well, what position would you want to have her in first? Maybe…

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Carla Cox Spies on Zuzanna Chlubna in the Shower!

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At TeenDreams, there can only be one outcome when gorgeous blonde Carla Cox spies on Zuzanna Chlubna in the shower – a horny and wet lesbian encounter, of course! Because, eventually, Carla gets just that little too close and Zuzanna spots her, and rather than send her away, Zuzanna invites her blonde friend to join her, and straight away they start making out! Zuzanna shoves the shower head down inside Carla’s knickers, making them, and Carla, even wetter and hotter than before! I love that pic!

Carla Cox spies on Zuzanna Chlubna in the Shower

Zuzanna Chlubna shoves the shower head down inside Carla Cox knickersZuzanna Chlubna catches Carla Cox spying on her in the bathroom

Zuzanna Chlubna fucks Carla Cox with her pink vibrator

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Cum to TeenDreams!

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I’m sure that you, like me, have various different likings when it comes to porn! Well, today I’m very much in the mood for seeing some of my favorite girls getting covered in cum! So, as foreplay to my own “private time”, I thought I would bring you a couple of cumshots from TeenDreams

And when it cums to my favorite girls, I can’t go for very long without mentioning Zuzanna Chlubna! You’ll quickly realise that when you check out all my Zuzanna Chlubna posts on the TeenDreamsBlog! And you’ll see what a good girl she is! Inside TeenDreams there are plenty of pics and videos of Zuzanna Chlubna sucking, fucking and getting covered in spunk!

Boroka Borres and Nikki Miller both worked hard to satisfy the lucky guy in the pic below, causing him to shoot his load across Nikki’s little tits! And, I must say, watching those two work his cock has satisified mine on a few occasions as well!

So TeenDreams isn’t just about pretty girls stripping off and opening their legs so that we can jerk off looking at their tits and pussies! TeenDreams have loads of hardcore images and videos as well, perfect for when you’re in the mood to jerk off watching your favorite girls in horny dirty action as well! Which, incidentally, is the mood I’m in now! So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to TeenDreams to do exactly that! Why don’t you cum to some TeenDreams girls as well?

Oh, and by the way, did you know that the lovely little Edita Bente is inside TeenDreams as well? You didn’t? Well, read about Edita Bente sucking cock and fucking here!

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Zuzanna Chlubna – Doing What She Does Best!

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Here’s one of my favorite girls again, the absolutely gorgeous Zuzanna Chlubna!

And guess what! She’s at it again! Oh yes! Although the image sequence starts off looking as though it’s a sexy but fairly soft photoshoot, things rapidly escalate, and soon Zuzanna is playing with a huge black sex toy! But even this is rapidly replaced by “the real thing” and, as you can see from the last pic, Zuzanna finally gets her reward for her endeavours – all over her sweet little face!

As I said at the start, Zuzanna Chlubna is one of my favorite girls. Because it would be just too hard to chose one absolute favorite from amongst the TeenDreams girls! After all, did you know that there are more than 5,600 girls inside TeenDreams! Check out some of the other wonderful girls on the TeenDreams free tour! You never know who you might come across!

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Zuzanna Chlubna gets fucked! Again!!!

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Zuzanna Chlubna at TeenDreamsImagine this scenario! You’ve been doing some decorating work for this really friendly, sexy and cute girl Zuzanna, but it’s over-run a bit. It’s Friday evening and Zuzanna’s already had her shower, and now she’s in her changing room, getting ready for her night out. At last you finish up, and go off to look for her, to get paid. But when you go upstairs, you see that the door to her room is open, and you peek in! Darn, she’s dressed already! But my, doesn’t she look hot in that turquoise dress! And a bit tarty too – it’s way too short, and just look at those cum-fuck-me fishnet tights! Perfect! Oh man, and just look at that ass! You can’t help but touch yourself through your overalls – you’ve been working at her place all week, and you’ve gotten so horny for her!

But then she suddenly spots you in the mirror, and you just know that she’s twigged that you’ve been playing with it as you were watching her! Oh shit! She looks surprised at first, but then she gets down on all fours and crawls over towards you, a dirty look on her face! Kneeling infront of you, she reaches out and frees your cock from your overalls! You can see from her smiling eyes that she’s pleased with what she’s found, and she goes straight down on you, without a moment’s hesitation!

Zuzanna Chlubna with cum on her face at TeenDreamsI’ll leave you to ponder all the ways in which you would have the lovely Zuzanna Chlubna! Certainly the guy in this photoset was not short of imagination – or enthusiasm – when it came to fucking Zuzanna! And at the end, he showed her his deep appreciation – all over her face!

I know that this is the second time that we’ve featured Zuzanna on the TeenDreamsBlog recently, but I could not let this excellent new image set pass without bringing it to your attention! It certainly brought me to attention, I can tell you! And I’m sure that it would have the same effect on you, if you were to settle back and watch the entire 177 image photoset on a slideshow! So, if you want to give Zuzanna the attention she deserves, you know what to do! Join TeenDreams today, and you could be spending a very satisfying evening in with Zuzanna Chlubna and all of the other 5,600+ more horny girls who are waiting for you inside!

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Zuzanna’s in her Uniform at TeenDreams!

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Zuzanna Chlubna shows her panties at TeenDreamsZuzanna Chlubna looks sweet and sexy in her uniform at TeenDreams

You like the look of Zuzanna Chlubna in her uniform? Well, these pictures are taken from her latest TeenDreams photoset which only came out on Wednesday! And if you’re thinking that Zuzanna’s looking unbelievably hot, just wait ’til I tell you that this isn’t a solo-girl set – oh no – these pics are both right from the start, and this is a full-on hardcore photoset in which Zuzanna sucks and fucks on a huge cock! And still in her uniform for most of the time! Amazing!

And there’s more good news! You can see some more sample pictures from this sequence in this free image gallery from GorgeousModelGirls!

But it’s only when you join TeenDreams that you will be able to download the full image set (164 pictures), and all of Zuzanna’s other photo and video sets! And then, of course, there are more than 5,600 other girls inside TeenDreams as well! So many girls, so little time! :)

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Zuzanna Chlubna shows off beside a muddy path!

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There’s no doubt at all that Zuzanna Chlubna is a very very horny girl! She’s got a great figure, and one of the best bubble bottoms imaginable! I could spend hours looking at Zuzanna’s behind; in fact, I probably already have! And those perky little tits too! But in many ways, I think it’s her face that does it for me, really quite beautiful, but so expressive! When you watch her on video, you can see she’s totally genuine; it’s obvious when she’s having fun, when she’s turned on sexually, and, well, when she’s not happy with the way things are going, she makes that quite clear too! All in all, a real girl!

Zuzanna Chlubna spreads her legs for you at TeenDreamsZuzanna Chlubna is a great favourite at TeenDreams
And she loves to show off too! We’ve already looked at her a few times on this blog (you can read all the TeenDreamsBlog entries about Zuzanna Chlubna here), and we’ve seen her with a couple of different girls and in hardcore action with a guy as well! This is the first of her solo sets that we’ve featured on the blog, though, and we find her posing totally naked beside a muddy pathway and, as you can see from these two pictures, the thought of being seen, or even spied on by some voyeur, doesn’t put her off at all! Zuzanna knows exactly what she’s got, and she is quite at ease with the idea of men “admiring” her body! Which is a good job too, as Zuzanna is a great favourite at TeenDreams!

Of course, I don’t know if Zuzanna will become one of your favourites or not; the competition for your attention within the members’ area is pretty ferocious, there are more than 5,000 girls inside! Why not have a look at the TeenDreams free tour to see some of the girls that Zuzanna is up against!

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Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna – on video this time!

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Denisa licks on Zuzanna Chlubna's pussy at TeenDreamsYou may recall that some while back I was positively gushing with enthusiasm about a photoset that featured Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna getting off together in the garden (Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna – Gorgeous Gardeners)! Well, believe it or not, things have gotten even better today – because a video of the same scenario has just been released into the TeenDreams members’ area! And boy, is it wonderful!

The whole scene was re-done for the video, and the girls seem to be left pretty much to do their own (and each other’s) thing! The video starts off with the two girls messing about, and soon they are lifting up each other’s skirts and tops. At one point, Denisa decides to try to blow up Zuzanna’s tits, and this is when it all starts to get sexual between the two girls – what started off as a bit of fun gets serious! Dildos are produced, and soon Denisa is having an orgasm as Zuzanna fucks her with the dildo! Just at that point, though, the rain comes down! The girls run for shelter, and once they are in the dry, Denisa helps Zuzanna to a fine orgasm as well!

The pictures accompanying this post were all taken from the video, which lasts just over 20 minutes. It’s great to see Denisa and Zuzanna having so much fun – first of all just larking about (Denisa is quite a character, totally “off the wall”), and then clearly enjoying the sex just as much!

Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna at TeenDreamsDenisa and Zuzanna Chlubna at TeenDreams

There’s only one place to get all 200 pictures and the video of Denisa and Zuzanna in the garden together! Yes, you’ve guessed it! Join TeenDreams now and you could be watching these gorgeous and sexy girls’ antics within minutes! And I bet you’ll enjoy yourself just as much as they did! ;)

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In the shower with Sonia Red and Zuzanna Chlubna!

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Sonia and Zuzanna forget to undress before getting in the shower!Two gorgeous teen bodies!
I guess that we all have our own favourite girls that just get us going! Well, two of mine are Sonia Red and Zuzanna Chlubna! And here they are, together, in the shower! And to make the scene even more erotic, they don’t even fully undress before they turn on the water! Watch as their panties get soaked and stick to their lovely teen behinds, becoming ever more opaque with each picture! Perfect! But it doesn’t stop there either! The girls can’t keep their hands off each other, and soon Sonia’s knickers are round her knees and Zuzanna is rubbing on Sonia’s clit! And that’s just the start of things! The floodgates open onto a fest of kissing, licking and finger-fucking!

Why don’t you have a look at the TeenDreams free tour today? There’s a good chance that you’ll see your favourite girls there, and who knows what they’ll be getting up to inside TeenDreams!

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Come see the other side of Zuzanna Chlubna!

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Zuzanna Chlubna in hardcore video screen capturesIt was only a week ago that I introduced you to Zuzanna Chlubna. Then, you may recall, she was frolicking in the garden with Denisa (see Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna – Gorgeous Gardeners!). I wouldn’t normally write again about even such a fantastic girl as Zuzanna so soon, but today I have to make an exception!

You see, today a video was made available in the TeenDreams members area that shows Zuzanna in a totally different light! In this totally hardcore video, members get to see Zuzanna sucking, fucking and getting splattered with cum! The images on the right were made from actual video screen-captures.

Here’s the write-up of the video from within the TeenDreams site:

This couple sure do love to have sex, they just seem to want it all the time. The chair in their lounge is a favourite spot as she can ride him cowgirl or he can bend her over the edge for some hard and fast doggy style. They fuck hard and she is screaming with pleasure as it is one orgasm after another that leaves her overwhelmed. He gets final relief as his cum is sprayed straight down the back of her throat as she greedily sucks every drop from him.

Zuzanna is a great looking girl, and it looks like she’s a great fuck as well! If you want Zuzanna even one half as much as I do, then you do not want to miss this video! Join TeenDreams! today to get this video and over one thousand more besides!

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