Agnes – a very very good girl!

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Agnes from TeenDreamsAgnes from TeenDreams
This absolutely adorable babe is Agnes.

If you were to just see a pic of Agnes’ face, you could well think that she’s a lot younger than she is – she looks so sweet and innocent and fresh. And then when you see her body you might well be surprised at her her prefect womanly contours, her full breasts and that dress stretched so tightly across her lovely behind!

I could imagine being on a sight-seeing trip with Agnes, and as she leans forward slightly her dress rides up just a little – and just a little is all it takes to give you a brief glimpse of her white panties (you did spot that, didn’t you)! And have you noticed how girls seem to have a radar that tells them when you’re looking, even if they can’t see you? Well, Agnes knows, and she looks round at you! But as you’ll see from the full image set (once you’ve joined TeenDreams), Agnes is a “good girl”, a very very “good girl”, and rather than covering up, she contrives to reveal even more! Of course, later in the image sequence, Agnes not only shows you her panties but also every intimate little nook and cranny of her beautiful body! And then – as if that wasn’t enough – she pleasures herself with her favourite pink ribbed sex toy!

And so it’s no wonder that Agnes is so popular inside the members’ area at TeenDreams! There are already nine full picture sets and three videos featuring Agnes. Oh, and in one of the videos, she gets seriously nailed – front and back, if you get my drift! Whew!

There are plenty more great teens where Agnes came from, I promise you! Have a look at the TeenDreams free tour to see some more of the 5,600+ wonderful girls that await you within the TeenDreams members’ area!

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