Irena, otherwise known as Nikky Case

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Irena from TeenDreamsThis lovely lady is Irena, otherwise known as Nikky Case!

You don’t really need me to tell you how beautiful she is, you can see that for yourself! And I don’t think that you really need me to comment on what lovely firm tits she has, nor on what a great ass she has, you can see all that for yourself!

But she has, though, hasn’t she? A great ass, I mean! Nice and round and firm! The sort of ass that you’d happily follow up the “up” escalator on the subway, when really you should be going in the opposite direction!

And – I don’t know why – but aren’t those little dimples on Irena’s back strangely sexy? Or maybe that’s just me!

But I know it’s not just me that finds her totally irresistible! Irena is one of the most photographed girls at TeenDreams – there are 33 picture sets, comprising 3,896 images, of her available in the members’ area! And if your wrist starts to tire (from all that pointing and clicking, what else?), you could always settle back and enjoy one of her movies instead! Well, you could if you were a TeenDreams member!

If you’d like to feast your eyes on Irena’s full body of work – and who wouldn’t? – or even if you’re just curious about what else TeenDreams has to offer, you could always take the TeenDreams free tour! Irena and more than 5,600 other fabulous girls are waiting for you inside!

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