What’s that in your hand, Kate?

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Katerina Taneckova from TeenDreamsI was thinking of running a competition to guess what it is that Katerina Taneckova is holding in her left hand, but I decided against it, as I thought you’d probably all answer correctly!

You see, not all TeenDreams girls are sweet innocent young things! Many of them, like Katerina here, are just sweet and young!

Not that anyone would be fooled into thinking that Katerina is innocent! I mean, look at what she’s wearing for one thing! The totally white see through top with no bra, showing off her lovely 34 inch titties to anyone who cares to look, and that impossibly short denim skirt that shows off everything to anyone who cares to look! And I, for one, would care to look – very much indeed!

OK, you might say that her clothing alone doesn’t mean she’s not innocent, she might just be incredibly naieve! Well, quite true, but how would you explain away her dirty expressions, and the fact that she’s got a huge hard cock in her left hand?

Happy TeenDreams members can download all of the 151 images in this photoset, and see how Katerina satisfies the monster in her hand, first by sucking him, then letting him fuck her in several positions, before finally he explodes all over her face!

If you’d like to see that all for yourself, TeenDreams is place for you! Of course, not only will you see Katerina inside, but more than 5,600 other girls as well! You can check some of them out by taking the TeenDreams free tour! Go on, you know you want to!

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