Sandy – Coy Teen!

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Sandy from TeenDreamsSandy from TeenDreams
Oh my goodness! When I first looked at Sandy and saw how coyly she poses at the start of the photoset from which these images are taken, there were two thoughts that came into my head! The first was “What a sweetie!” – I think I’m on safe ground with that one! The second was “They’re never going to be able to get her to take anything off, surely? She’s much too shy!”.

Fortunately, with my second thought, I was so wrong! Sandy allowed herself to be coaxed out of her top, her skirt, and finally her panties! And before the end of the series she’s totally warmed up, and she’s spreading her legs, and then her pussy, like there’s no tomorrow! She still looks – to me at any rate – a little bit shy, but that just adds to the eroticism of the pictures!

Sandy is another new girl – this is her first photoset at TeenDreams, and it was only released into the TeenDreams members’ area this morning! Just think, already in the past couple of hours, more guys have seen her naked than probably ever before in her life! Join TeenDreams today and be one of the first to – ahem! – “appreciate” this gorgeous teenager’s naked body!

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