Michelle – glamour personified!

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Michelle V from TeenDreamsMichelle V from TeenDreams

This absolute babe is Michelle V! She has a flawless beauty that almost takes your breath away!

When I see her, I can’t but help think “glamour” – she could certainly have graced the pages of any glamour magazine. Or maybe even had a career as a “page 3″ girl, if she so chose! Her fabulous breasts would have made her a household name overnight, I would imagine!

But you still wouldn’t see quite as much of Michelle on page 3 as she has already showed for TeenDreams members! Because – delightful as they may be – she has already dropped her knickers inside the members’ area! There is just the one photoset of her, but – whew! – what a photoset!

You’ll be able to see this gorgeous starlet spreading her legs and then bending over right in front of you when you join TeenDreams! And you don’t see that every day!

Oh, by the way, the reference to “page 3″ – here, in the UK, one of our daily newspapers prints a glamour photo (usually topless) on its third page each weekday, and has done for years. It’s become somewhat of a national institution!

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