Poppy – skirt or jeans? Or nothing?

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Poppy from TeenDreamsPoppy from TeenDreams
Poppy gets naked for TeenDreamsIt’s a tricky one, a question that has troubled thinkers through the ages! So which is better, a nice short mini, or a tight pair of jeans?

Gorgeous blonde Poppy doesn’t help make matters any clearer, does she? She looks great in both!

But TeenDreams members might say that she looks better in neither! And they should know, because Poppy is a TeenDreams scoop!

You see, Poppy was eighteen when she decided to get into modelling, and it was James from TeenDreams who photographed her! But then, just two weeks later, she changed her mind and decided to never model again! So Poppy really is a TeenDreams scoop!

Aren’t you just aching to see all of this stunning girl? 636 pictures of Poppy, taken when she was just eighteen? Join TeenDreams today and satisfy your desires!

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