Cute and Sexy – Larina from TeenDreams

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Larina shows off her perky little titties at TeenDreamsLarina from TeenDreams
Larina (who also goes by the name of Natalia) is such a cute little teen when you first see her. But don’t be surprised when it soon becomes apparant just how sexy she is as well! Oh yes, Larina knows all about the effect that she has on men, and she just loves to be desired in that way! That’s why she is only too willing to lift up her t-shirt to show us her perky little titties, and then to let her little skirt drop to the floor so that we can admire the curves of her tight little behind! But Larina’s no tease, as TeenDreams members can testify! Inside the TeenDreams members’ area Larina takes her panties down too and is spreading her legs and bending over so that we can see every detail of her trim little pussy and ass! And there are already five photosets and one movie of this teenage temptress inside TeenDreams! Become a TeenDreams member and you’ll see all that Larina has to offer!

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Larina puts on a good spread!

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Larina from TeenDreams

Larina shows her ass

Most of us have, no doubt, been accused at some time or other of not pulling our weight in the kitchen. And I’m also sure that almost every time it’s been a totally unfair accusation!

But even so, I can’t imagine that Larina would ever have to level such a charge, not if these pictures are anything to go by! We’d be queuing up to lend a hand if Larina always put on such a sexy show for her helpers!

And in the full series, Larina doesn’t stop at taking off her top and skirt. Oh no, not at all! TeenDreams members can watch as she takes off her sexy black panties to reveal her shaved pussy in all its glory! And only then does she take off her bra as well, so that we can ogle her pert teenage tits! And she bends over and spreads too, allowing photographer Buzz to take some astounding close-ups of her most private areas!

I’m sure that, even as I write this, there will be a number of TeenDreams members already pulling a lot more than their weight in this sexy teenager’s (virtual) kitchen! Join TeenDreams today and you could be seeing for yourself what a good spread Larina puts on for her visitors!

Larina  in her bra and panties

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Larina – perfect ten!

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Gorgeous teen Larina from TeenDreams

This image is taken from Larina’s newest photo gallery in the TeenDreams members’ area! It was only added just now.

And this photoset captures her so perfectly! There is nothing sexier, in my opinion, than to see a beautiful young girl like Larina in a skimpy see-through dress, with nothing on underneath except for her panties! And even moreso when you just know that those same panties will be on the floor in no time! And Larina will be too, rolling around with her legs apart so that we can gaze upon her perfectly smooth pussy and fabulously small yet round behind!

TeenDreams members can give a score out of ten for each picture sequence and video, and this one is currently running at ten! Only one member has voted so far though, it has to be said! And no, before you ask, I am not the member who gave Larina ten, although I do agree that she is a perfect ten! I’d even give her a perfect eleven if there was such a thing!

What would you give Larina? Why not come join TeenDreams and see for yourself?

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Larina’s first ever explicit nude video!

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You may have seen the lovely Larina in my post “Larina – absolute cutie!” from 15th August. Larina is the total teen darling, but I hadn’t been planning on featuring the same girl again so quickly – especially because TeenDreams have over 5,600 gorgeous girls to chose from!

But this news just couldn’t wait! TeenDreams have released Larina’s first ever explicit nude video into their members’ area! The pictures of Larina in this post are all taken from screenshots of the video!

Images taken from Larina's first ever video

As you can see, Larina is every bit as lovely on video as she is in the still pictures! She’s so sweet, so innocent, and you can tell that she’s still a bit shy, and this just adds to her appeal! But none of this stops her from taking all her clothes off for the camera, and allowing the lens to zoom right in between her legs, letting you see her like she’s never been seen before.

Images taken from Larina's first ever video

If you’re even half as hot for this nineteen year old as I am, you’ll want to see the whole video, and collect all of the 389 pictures that TeenDreams members have access to! So how about joining TeenDreams today!

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Larina – absolute cutie!

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Larina from TeenDreamsToday I’d like to introduce you to lovely Larina who comes from just outside St. Petersburg in Russia. Larina has only just turned 19, her birthday was on 15th August.Larina from TeenDreams

Larina first appeared on TeenDreams on 11th June 2007, and her fresh face and perfect teen body are bound to make her a firm favorite!

Check out these free galleries of Larina and see if she isn’t just the cutest thing on two legs! Ever!

Already there are 389 great pictures of Larina in five sets available to TeenDreams members!

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