Veronika C – dream dress-up teen!

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Veronika C at TeenDreams

I’m here with some great news! The TeenDreams members’ area now has a second photoset featuring that sexy little teenybopper Veronika C!

And this second photoset is every bit as good as the first! You can see from the pics that Veronika is dressed really sexily (to start off with anyway)! Her very girlie long sleeved t-shirt and socks contrast with the sort of slutty, “older”, see through panties in a very erotic and arousing way, don’t you think?

I just can’t get over just how horny this girl makes me feel! She’s a dream dress-up teen! I mean, that cute and cheeky face, she’s always going to be in mischief – never a dull moment when Veronika’s about! And those pert little titties, with such perfect nipples! And so slim too – have you seen how narrow her hips are!

But its once she’s taken all her clothes off that the fun really starts! Veronika makes sure that the TeenDreams members get a good look – a really good look – at every part of her lithe teenage body, and then she starts to masturbate for us! And I can tell you, this girl does love her dildos!

I know I’m not alone in my extreme enthusiam for Veronika! I just checked the average ratings that the TeenDreams members have given for her two image sets and her video, and they are all over 8/10!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that TeenDreams have released a sample image gallery featuring some pics from Veronika’s first photoshoot! Well worth checking out!

Of course, you’ll still need to join TeenDreams to see all of Veronika’s pictures and her video! Not only will you get to see Veronika masturbating, but you’ll have access to over 5,600 other girls as well!

Veronika C at TeenDreams

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Veronika C – milking it to the max!

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Teenbopper Veronika from TeenDreamsEvery so often you come across a special girl, a very special girl, who’s just discovering her sexuality, and who is excited by the effect that she can has on men, and wants to milk it to the max! Well, Veronika C. is just such a girl!

I mean, look at the way she has dressed for her first photoshoot with TeenDreams! She’s gone all out to take advantage of her young looks, by choosing those sexy teenybopperish hooped over-the-knee socks and those big pink cotton knickers!

But you may guess from her expression that she’s not a coy teen! Oh no! She’s definitely not coy! It doesn’t take too long before those knickers are off, and she’s planting a huge dildo into her (totally hairless) pussy!

Of course, she keeps those sexy socks on throughout! After all, you wouldn’t want her to take them off, would you?

And like I said, this is Veronika’s first TeenDreams photoset – it was only released into the members’ area today! But there is something else I should tell you regarding Veronika…

TeenDreams members have had the pleasure of a video of Veronika stripping and then playing with two sex toys for almost a week now. Let me just say that she is very – very – enthusiastic!

If you want to get your hands on all 98 pictures in this Veronika’s maiden photoset, and want to access her video as well, then join TeenDreams today – you could be watching Veronika milking it to the max in minutes!

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