Vika Serebryakova – caught masturbating!

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Vika SerebryakovaThis lovely girl is Vika Serebryakova, and this image is taken from one of the nine image sets that she has in the TeenDreams members area! There’s also a video of Vika for members to enjoy, in which she starts off in the same outfit as she’s wearing here!

But here’s a question for you – you amble into the bathroom, expecting it to be clear, but instead you see Vika watching herself in the giant mirror as she masturbates with a monsterously huge dildo – so do you:

  1. quietly leave, closing the door behind you, and hope that you weren’t noticed? And then go and jerk off in your room!
  2. apologise and say that you’ll come back later? And then go and jerk off in your room!
  3. stay where you are and jerk off watching Vika watching herself masturbate?
  4. shag her senseless and finally come all over her face?

Such was the conundrum that faces a guy at the start of the latest Vika gallery, which became available in the TeenDreams members’ area today!

Well, the chap wisely chose option number four! Which was great news for TeenDreams members, because they can download all the action!

If you’d like to see Vika in action, and many other girls as well, then TeenDreams is the place to be! Why don’t you take the TeenDreams free tour and have a look for yourself at some of the great girls that are waiting for you inside TeenDreams!

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