Lauren K – hot legs!

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Lauren K at TeenDreamsToday I would like to introduce you to Lauren! It is her first time on TeenDreams today, so I have only just seen her myself! And – to be honest – I’m having trouble concentrating on the job in hand!

It’s hard, you know, trying to type when your eyes keep getting drawn back across the screen to look at Lauren’s legs! I’m not usually that much of a “leg man”, but Lauren could definitely convert me! Her legs are so long and slender and smooth looking!

In fact, Lauren is long and slender all over! TeenDreams members who have already downloaded her photoset will no doubt agree that Lauren has a teenage body to dream of – she’s got the cutest little round ass imaginable, and her pussy is totally hairless! And Lauren’s breasts are not quite as small as you might expect, looking at this picture of her. The top she’s wearing is very tight, and once she’s pulled it down, you see that she already has a nice “handful”, capped with perfect round nipples! And talking of nipples, have you noticed that her top is slightly see-though?

And even though this is Lauren’s first picture set, she doesn’t appear to be at all shy – by the end of the series she’s taken her panties off and is spreading with her fingers!

So, if you are into your teen girls – and I guess you are, as you’re still reading this far down! – then I really do recommend that you have a look at the TeenDreams free tour, where you’ll see some more of the 5,600 girls who are all waiting for you in the members’ area! Hope to see you there soon!

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