Does Annabel ever wear panties?

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Annabel from TeenDreamsAnnabel from TeenDreams
This lovely teen girl is Annabel! She is 19 years old and comes from the Ukraine.

What do you think? Facially, hasn’t she got a sultry look about her, with those deep dark eyes and those full lips! And her hair – simply beautiful! I have to say that when I saw her first image set at TeenDreams, in which she’s wearing that green dress, and first realised that she wasn’t wearing any knickers, the image of her being fucked cowgirl-style came into my head – naturally, she was still wearing the dress and those hold-ups as well – and I thought about how hot and sweaty she’d be, and imagined her hair sticking sexily to her face. Of course, once I saw the pic on the left and realised that she could pull down the dress like that so that you could watch her perfect tits bounce as you drive into her hard from below, then the fantasy was complete!

The picture on the right is from Anabel’s second image set at TeenDreams. And guess what? Even though she’s wearing sexy lingerie and stockings, once again there are no panties in sight! Makes me wonder if she ever wears knickers? I wonder if she even owns any! Perhaps Annabel is one of those girls who likes to know that she’s ready for action at a moment’s notice! Or maybe she’s a girl who gets a kick from flashing her pussy and ass when she’s out and about!

Annabel certainly shows her pussy and her ass plenty in the TeenDreams members’ area! Just think, if you were to join TeenDreams now, in just two or three minutes you could be staring at nineteen-year-old Annabel’s teen pussy, imagining all the different positions that you’d have her in! And then, a little later and once you’ve caught your breath again, you might then turn your attention onto some of the other 5,600 TeenDreams girls!

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