29 Minutes of Lesbian Lust!

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Oh my goodness! Here are two of my favorite lithe brunettes, Claudia and Szilvia (who you may also know as Anita Pearl), making out together on video at TeenDreams! Here’s what the official write-up says about this movie…

“This awesome movie finds a stunning young brunette Claudia seductively writhing around on the bed in sexy thong panties. It’s not long before she’s totally naked and joining another hot brunette and the girls get down to a fantastic feast of pussy. You can enjoy finger insertions, pussy tonguing and some impressive dildo fucking that rapidly brings the girls off to the sweetest orgasm in turn.”

Sounds about right! Except that I doubt that Claudia and Szilvia will be the only ones cuming! I should imagine that plenty of TeenDreams members will do too, watching the girls’ 29 minutes of lesbian lust! I certainly did! And I bet you will do too, just as soon as you join TeenDreams and download this amazing movie!

Claudia and Szilvia make out together on video at TeenDreams

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Masturbating in the Shower with Claudia

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Claudia gets her vest wet in the shower at TeenDreamsClaudia masturbates in the shower at TeenDreams

Claudia lets the water play over her spread pussyWell, what are the chances of this happening? Just a few short days after Monika Vesela gets into the shower without fully undressing first (see Monika Vesela Takes a Shower at TeenDreams), lithe little cutie Claudia does the self same thing! And if you’ve read my post about Monika in the shower, you’ll know that I won’t be complaining! And neither are the TeenDreams members; Claudia’s photoset has an average members’ rating of 8.23, which is pretty darned good!

After all, Claudia is an absolute babe, perfect if you like girls with really tiny titties! And she certainly gets into the spirit in this set! You can see she’s really going for it, the way that she finger-fucks herself and then spreads her pussy lips wide so that she can direct the water jet directly onto her clitoris!

So, to get your hands on the full photoset of Claudia in the shower, join TeenDreams without delay! You won’t regret it – there are more than 5,600 fabulous girls waiting for you inside!

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There’s more to Claudia than meets the eye!

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Claudia from TeenDreamsI have mentioned before that I am a great fan of Claudia! She has a lovely cute face, and an amazing body! She has the tiniest little tits imaginable coupled with a beautiful and small round behind! And doesn’t she look as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth in the picture on the right, as she stands there teasing us in her oh-so-short sixties style mini-dress!

But once she takes her dress and her panties off in this new TeenDreams photoset, that’s when we discover that there’s more to Claudia than meets the eye, much much more! Oh yes, Claudia is turning into a right dirty girl, by the looks of things! And good on her, I say!

Once she’s naked, Claudia takes her panties and stuffs them right up into her beautiful hairless pussy! And then she slowly – so slowly – pulls them out again!

And after she’s completed her panty trick, Claudia moves on to her vibrators! She squeezes them both into her pussy at the same time, not even needing to warm herself up with one first! No, they are both straight in there! She must have enjoyed putting on that little panty show for us! And – as you can see – she even seems to get right into masturbating with her two toys inside of her!

If you want to feast your eyes on the whole of this photoset – and Claudia’s stretched pussy! – then you know what to do! Join TeenDreams now and you could be downloading over 900 images of this gorgeous svelte girl onto your hard disc in minutes!

Claudia from TeenDreams plays with her pussy

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Claudia – absolute teeny perfection!

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Claudia shows us her pert little breastsClaudia from TeenDreams looking really sexy in her short denim mini
I am a great fan of today’s girl, the gorgeous Claudia from Hungary! She’s got such a lovely cute and happy face which is no small part of her attraction, but it’s her even smaller parts that really do for me! Have you seen just how tiny her little breasts are! Absolute teeny perfection, if you ask me! I can’t really imagine that Claudia would really need to wear a bra with such pert and firm little titties!

Breast-wise, Claudia couldn’t be a greater contrast with busty Anastasia who I showed you yesterday! Personally, I couldn’t say that I prefer large breasts over small, or visa versa – I guess I like both! Which I part of the reason that I like TeenDreams so much as well; they have such a huge variety of different girls, over 5,600 of them, so there’s always a girl to suit your mood! Check out the TeenDreams free tour and you’ll see what I mean!

Oh, I nearly forgot to say – inside the TeenDreams members’ area there are five photosets featuring Claudia, over 600 images!

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