Jana Horova – gorgeous centrefold!

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Jana Horova shows us her panties Jana Horova at TeenDreams Jana Horova has a fabulous behind

We have met Jana Horova a couple of times before on the TeenDreamBlog, the first time we looked at Jana in her skoolie outfit, and the second time we saw Jana banging the garage mechanic! But this time we see her in her latest photoset at TeenDreams, one that was just released this week!

Jana Horova rides her dildo at TeenDreamsJana’s very “glammed up” in this series of pics! She’s nicely made-up, and – I must say – her hair looks like a million dollars! She would grace the cover of any magazine looking like that!

And she’s standing there, in her sexy little black see-through dress, and you can just make out her panties through it. And that’s all she’s wearing under it – clearly she’s not wearing a bra!

But Jana’s not content to just let us see her panties through her dress! She lifts it up so we can admire them properly, and turns around too so we can see from behind! But forget about the panties, just look at Jana’s behind – perfect, don’t you think, nice and small and round!

And Jana quickly forgets about her panties – and her dress too! For soon she is naked on the bed, affording us even better views of her body! Most intimate views! And I have to tell you that this girl is near perfect! Seeing her like this, naked, and pushing her vibrator deep into her lovely pussy, you realise that she’d grace the centrefold of any magazine as well! And seeing all these photographs of this beautiful girl masturbating, well, it’s hard not to follow suit yourself!

And I’m sure that many TeenDreams members will be following Jana’s lead in this respect once they start viewing this brilliant 238 image photoset! Gosh – and when they’ve finshed with Jana, they’ve still got more than 5,600 other girls to chose from! You can see some more of the fabulous girls that are awaiting you inside when you take the TeenDreams free tour! You’ll never run out of girls at TeenDreams!

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Jana Horova gets into a fine mess!

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Everyone was busy that afternoon, so Jana was asked to walk down to the mechanic’s place and pay him for the repair work done on the car. Really, you would think she could manage that, wouldn’t you, without a song and dance! It’s not too much to ask, is it?

But when she gets down there, there’s no one about. So she walks through the workshop to the office, where she spots the mechanic. He doesn’t hear her approaching – she’s only very petite and those new and very expensive trainers she got for Christmas don’t make a sound as she walks.

And anyway, he seems to be pretty engrossed in what he’s reading! Jana gets close enough to see the title of the magazine – “Finally Legal” – and then she sees that he’s masturbating as he looks at the pictures! Uh oh, given the title of his magazine, and Jana’s fresh good looks, there can only be one possible outcome – all over her face and tits!

Luckily enough, a TeenDreams photographer was on hand to capture the whole thing on film, and then upload the entire 196 images into the TeenDreams members’ area! Inside TeenDreams, you can see more than 20 photosets and 4 videos featuring Jana!

So if you like to jerk off looking at Jana and girls like her, there’s no real need to embarass yourself by buying magazines with dodgy titles like the one that her mechanic had! Simply join up with TeenDreams today, and you’ll have instant access to more legal teenage girls than you could shake a stick at!

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Jana Horova – skoolie outfit!

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I wouldn’t like to repeat the exclamation that came into my head when I first came across this set of Jana dressed in her skoolie outfit. But it’s prefect, isn’t it? I mean, the straw hat, the sexy white shirt that looks one size too small for her, the tie, the skirt that is way too short, and those incredibly sexy hooped socks! Whew!

So anyway, I thought I should share this pic with you! There are 96 images in this set, available to TeenDreams members! And, of course, there are plenty of other sets featuring Jana, 20 more to be precise!

So check out TeenDreams today!… you know you want to!

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