Eufrat and Stracy Stone on Video

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Eufrat and Stracy Stone Lesbian video from TeenDreamsThese stills are taken from a great new video that arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area last week!

We start off watching as Stracy Stone, dressed in white bra and knickers, begins to masturbate, and soon we are shown that Eufrat is watching, and – naturally – she is masturbating too! But it’s not long before Stracy spots Eufrat, who joins her on the bed.

It’s apparent that the two girls are so into each other! There is much caressing, licking and mouth to mouth kissing; very sensual!

But then the girls’ lust moves them into top gear, and pussies are pleasured with fingers, tongues and a glass dildo!

And that dildo even finds its way into Eufrat’s ass towards the end of the scene!

Both girls clearly found the encounter to be highly satisfying! And I’m sure TeenDreams members viewing their highly-charged video will do too! After all, it’s a treat enough to see two of the hottest, naturally busty, babes together on video, but the sexual chemistry between Eufrat and Stracy Stone is explosive! This is definitely one video that you won’t want to miss!

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Stracy Stone Hardcore Video at TeenDreams!

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It’s always a special treat when one of your favourite girls does a little more! And even better when she does a lot more! And Stracy falls into that category! Already popular at TeenDreams, known for her good looks and her amazing natural breasts, with ten photosets and two videos to her name, her first TeenDreams boy/girl video appeared on Thursday! Here’s what happens (the screenshots and description are both taken directly from TeenDreams members’ area)…

Stracy Stone hardcore video at TeenDreams

Watch this sexy brunette get horny in the bedroom as she does an arousing striptease out of her sexy pink thong panties. Once naked on the bed she fondles her tits and pussy and gets herself all wet and ready for boyfriend to join her. She grabs his hard cock and starts to jerk him off, then proceeds to give him an oily titty fuck. She then climbs on top of him reverse cowgirl style and rides him hard. It’s not too long before she has an amazing orgasm and then gives him another titty fuck until he explodes his hot jizz all over her.

Stracy Stone in boy/girl video action at TeenDreams

Yes, as the write-up says, Stracy is very amply rewarded at the end, with a nice pearl necklace! So why not give yourself a treat! You’re just moments away from watching Stracy sucking and fucking! Join TeenDreams now and download this amazing video! It’s the next best thing to fucking those fabulous boobs yourself!

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Stracy looks so cute in her pink baseball boots!

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Stracy Stone shows off her fabulous boobs at TeenDreamsStracy Stone at

OK, OK! I do think that Stracy’s new baseball boots are cute, and sexy too, but I have to agree that they aren’t the first thing that you would notice about her!

You might be more likely to notice her little white shorts, that scarcely cover her behind and which, I would guess, might have an entertaining tendency to work their way up into Stracy’s most intimate parts, front and back!

But I should think that it’s Stracy’s fabulous 36C boobs that would grab most people’s attention! They are absolutely wonderful, don’t you think! I could look at them for hours! In fact, I probably have looked at them for hours, if you add up all the time I’ve spent (ahem!) “reviewing” the 1,500+ images that TeenDreams have of Stracy!

Stracy is one of more that 5,600 gorgeous girls who show their boobs – and much more besides – at TeenDreams! If you like your teens, you’ll almost certainly love TeenDreams! Check out the TeenDreams free tour to see some more of the wonderful collection of girls who are patiently waiting for you inside!

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Monica and Stracy don’t make it to the disco!

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Monica and Stracy at TeenDreamsIt looks like Monica and Stracy were all set for a trip to a seventies and eighties disco, but, well, one thing led to another and they didn’t make it! Shame in a way, would have been good watching those two dancing along to “Funky Town” and “D-I-S-C-O” in their little denim skirts that are too short to even cover their stocking tops!

But I guess that was the problem – they both looked too darn good! Monica just couldn’t help but “jump” Stacy when she saw her all dolled up like that! And then, in no time at all, the girls are engaged in some serious lesbian sex, with any thought of going out now forgotten!

And you can see all the action at TeenDreams! There are 158 images in this wonderful photoset that members can view on-line (by means of the “Handsfree Set Viewer”!) or download as a zip file! Check out the TeenDreams free tour to get a taste of some of the delights that await you when you become a member!

Monica and Stracy  can't keep their hands off each other at TeenDreams

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Stracy – looks like an offer you can’t refuse!

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Stracy Stone from her latest image set at TeenDreamsToday I would like to introduce you to Stracy. Stracy comes from the Czech Republic, where she lives around 40km outside Prague.

She first appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area in 2006, and there are now a total of 8 photosets (1,311 images) and one video of Stracy that members can access. Stracy is a great looking girl, but I think it might be fair to say that it is her breasts that make her stand out from the crowd, and I’m sure that most members (TeenDreams or otherwise) would be happy to find themselves between her 36C boobs! That’s why I selected this picture of her over all the others – it does rather look as though she’s making you an offer you can’t refuse, don’t you think?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Stacy’s boobs are 100% natural! And nice and firm too!

If Stracy’s aroused your interest, take a look at the TeenDreams free tour – TeenDreams have a whole harem of beautiful girls waiting for you!

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