Martina’s a bit overdressed for cleaning out the stables!

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“Hmmm, she’s a bit overdressed for cleaning out the horses!”, you might think to yourself as you spot Martina tottering down the path towards the stables early on a Saturday morning, wearing nothing more than a skimpy little number and high heels! “Looks more like she’s dressed for a night out… oh, that’s a thought, maybe she was out last night, and hasn’t been home yet! Still doesn’t explain why she’d be making for the stables though!”

So, what do you do? Mind your own business and carry on up the road to buy the morning papers, or check Martina? Tricky conundrum!

Of course, you’ll see exactly what went on in the stables when you view the full photoset from TeenDreams! You’ll see Martina suck and fuck with the stable hand right there on the stable floor! And – how can I put it? – he leaves no door unopened!

And there’s only one door that you need to open if you want to see all of these pictures (there are 170 images in the full set) of Martina! So open that door today by joining TeenDreams! Just imagine, within minutes you’ll have full access to more than one million images and more than one thousand videos of gorgeous girls like Martina!

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