Marina masturbates on video!

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Marina masturbates on video at TeenDreamsRegular visitors to this blog are probably well aware of my ardent ardour for Marina! And the video from which these screen shots are taken has done nothing at all to dampen that ardour! In fact, it has fanned the flames of my desire for this sexy little Russian teen to new heights!

This is Marina’s first video, and – boy, oh boy – does this girl move! She’s most definitely a wriggler, she’d be a lot of fun to be with! There are a couple of sequences where Marina’s kneeling on the couch, facing away from the camera, wiggling her behind for us and – I can tell you – the way she moves puts a lot of lap dancers to shame [ not that I'm qualified to make that statement, of course! :oops: ]

And her body is so responsive, so easy to please! Marina caresses her breasts through her vest top, and almost instantly her nipples are erect, and they stay erect throughout the whole scene! And later on in the video, we see just how quickly and easily her pussy becomes wet, very wet! And in no time at all, she’s sliding one, two and three fingers in and out with equal ease!

And as Marina starts to approach her orgasm, her breathing and moaning become louder and louder! I can’t imagine how she could ever masturbate when there was someone else in the house without them hearing! And her face and neck become bright red, and then we’re left in no doubt that Marina is reaching a most fulfilling climax!

There’s only one way to get a hold of this absolutely brilliant video – don’t miss out, join TeenDreams today!

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Marina – Members’ Model of the Month, November 2007

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Marina, winner of the TeenDreams Model of the Month competition, November 2007Marina spreads her pussy at TeenDreams

Congratulations to Marina, who TeenDreams members voted “Model of the Month” for November 2007! It was a close run thing, though, with Marina and Bianka taking turns to lead the pack throughout the month, but Marina just pulled clear in the last few days!

Although Marina only first stripped for the TeenDreams crew in October of this year, this sexy nineteen year old already has three excellent solo photosets in the members’ area, plus a fantastic lesbian set with her friend Irina!

Marina and more than 5,600 other girls are waiting for you inside the members’ area! Don’t make them wait in vain! Join TeenDreams today! You’ll be glad you did!

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Irina and Marina, as promised!

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Irina And Marina at the start of their joint shoot for TeenDreamsLast week we met Irina and Marina separately, and I have to admit that I’ve spent quite some time – ahem! – “reviewing” their image sets inside the TeenDreams members’ area, and, quite honestly, I can’t say which of the two girls I prefer! Marina’s red hair, her sexy pouting mouth, and her flexible body all pull me towards her, whereas Irina’s cute face, terrific tits and perfect bum pull me in her direction! But that’s one of the great things about TeenDreams, you don’t have to chose! Especially when the two girls in question were persuaded to do an impromptu girl/girl set together! And today, as promised, we have some pics from that set!

It’s Marina who gets naked first – mainly because Irina is the one undressing her! I get the impression that Irina was rather more Irina takes a good look at Marina's fabulous body!comfortable with doing a lesbian set than Marina was at first! Perhaps TeenDreams helped Irina’s dreams come true! Perhaps Irina had been dreaming of getting into Marina’s knickers for ages!

But that’s not to say that Marina doesn’t get carried along in the moment! It’s not long before the girls are in the 69 position, and by the end of the sequence both girls have very sticky fingers! And pussies for that matter! I have to say that this is (currently) my favourite girl/girl set, ever! Watching these two gorgeous teenage girls making out together is an experience that you really don’t want to miss! Of course, you do need to join TeenDreams to gain access to full image set! But once you are a member, you get over 5,600 girls, as well as Irina and Marina! And I bet the girls won’t be only only ones with sticky fingers!

Irina and Marina making out together at TeenDreams

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Marina – your flexible friend!

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Marina from TeenDreams

Today’s girl is Marina from Russia. She is nineteen years old, and these pics are from her first TeenDreams photoset. The pictures were only taken last month, in October!

Marina’s got a lovely face and has a pout that makes men go weak at the knees! And what a body – perfect little titties, and such a cute little ass! She’s so flexible too, she manages to adopt some great poses for the camera; Marina from TeenDreamsfor example, in the top pic, see how she arches her back to stick her bum up in the air! It’s years since I’ve seen a girl doing that quite as well as Marina! [ Remember Jo Guest, anyone? :) ]

And Marina’s little outfit perfectly complements her petite figure, don’t you think? Inside the TeenDreams members’ area, Marina takes off her little top and knickers, and then proceeds to play with a dildo, the size of which absolutely contrasts with, rather than complements, her diminutive physique! I do believe that in some of the pics she looks rather dewy-eyed!

On a personal note, I have to say I am absolutely besotted with Marina – so much so that I have given her my vote in the members’ November Model of the Month competition! I’ve just checked the current standings, and Marina is winning at the moment – by one vote! In second place is Bianka, yesterday’s “dancing queen”! I think that this could be an exciting month!

Of course, the considerable excitement of the Model of the Month competition pales into insignificance when compared to the excitement of actually looking at the girls – which is what TeenDreams is all about! When you join TeenDreams, you’ll have access to over a million pictures and a thousand videos, enough to get you excited time and time again! And then some!

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