Dora V – grade “A” student!

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Dora from TeenDreamsDora from TeenDreams
Today I have brought Dora V to meet you! I think that you’ll agree that she is simply gorgeous!

Dora is totally confident about her body too – after all, why shouldn’t she be? As they say, “What’s not to like?”. Every inch of her is perfect, from head to toe! And, I can tell you, Dora shows every last inch of herself to the happy TeenDreams members – yes, even more that she’s showing in the second picture!

Dora lives in Budapest, where she is a student. I’m not sure what she’s studying, but I can well imagine that her lecturers might have a little trouble keeping their minds (and eyes!) focussed on academic matters during her one-to-one tutorial sessions! Especially if she wears such tiny shorts to college!

But whatever her academic prowess, Dora will always be a grade “A” student in my book! And the members at TeenDreams have marked her five photsets and her movie highly as well! I don’t think that they have any trouble keeping their minds on the matter in hand when looking at this nineteen year old girl’s fabulous body!

Now that you’ve met Dora, would you like to see some of Dora’s TeenDreams “classmates”! You can when you take the TeenDreams free tour! Dora and the other TeenDreams girls are all waiting for you, Sir!

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