Carla Brown Naked at TeenDreams!

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Carla Brown relaxes on the bed in her jeans and vest topDo you ever wake up in the morning with a morning woody for a girl who you have just dreamed about! I certainly did this morning, and the girl in question was the lovely Carla Brown! You may already know Carla Brown as “OnlyCarla”, but a rose by any other name, and all that!

Anyway, after making coffee, my “enthusiasm” for Carla Brown had not subsided of its own accord, so I had to take matters into my own hands! And so, after previewing the six excellent Carla Brown photosets inside the TeenDreams members’ area, I set the TeenDreams handsfree set viewer in motion, and settled back to enjoy the show! Which I did, very much, thank you! After all, Carla Brown is a real sexy cutie, and it would be a pleasure to watch her fight her way out of a brown paper bag, so it’s no wonder that watching her slowly and seductively strip her way out of her vest top and jeans would be a highly arousing experience!

Carla Brown seductively strips for us at TeenDreams

And your arousal might reach new heights as you realise that underneath her casual day clothes, Carla is wearing a sexy bra and panties set for us! But wait, there’s more to cum! At TeenDreams, Carla Brown doesn’t stop at going topless, she takes her panties off too, and lays back on the bed naked! Yes, Carla Brown naked! Oh yes, TeenDreams definitely reaches the parts that other sites don’t! Ha ha, in this case, Carla Brown’s parts! Join TeenDreams today to see Carla Brown naked!

Carla Brown naked on the bed at TeenDreams

P.S. If you’d like to see Carla Brown in her school uniform, check out
It’s only Carla – without her knickers!” also on the TeenDreamsBlog!

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It’s only Carla – without her knickers!

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Carla Brown in her skoolie uniformIt's only Carla Brown with no knickers!
I was hard at work, early this morning, going through the TeenDreams archives, when I came across six image sequences, all from January 2005, featuring that absolute cutie pie Carla Brown! Now, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’ve seen Carla before on the ‘net, she is pretty popular as a non-nude model!

Anyway, I selected the sequence in which she’s wearing her skoolie outfit, set the members’ slide show feature going, and settled back to enjoy! And enjoying I was, very much so – after all, only Carla looks that darned cute in her uniform, don’t you think! So Carla is stripping off, and I’m enjoying the show – by now she’s down to her panties and socks. She starts teasing us with her knickers, but then – then – she takes them right down! I hit the floor at the same time they did! Whew, wasn’t expecting that!

After appreciating the rest of the set (I since counted over thirty pics of Carla without her panties on in this image sequence!), I checked the other five image sequences! And sure enough, this wasn’t the only one where Carla loses her knickers! What a discovery!

If you like Carla, maybe you’re already a fan, or perhaps this is the first time you’ve seen her, either way, I’m sure you’ll not want to miss out on this chance to see her as you’ve probably never seen her before! Join TeenDreams today and start downloading Carla’s nude pics! Carla was just nineteen years of age when she posed nude for TeenDreams!

As for me, I’m looking forward to later in the day when I’ll be able to have another look at Carla, without anyone looking over my shoulder saying “Calm down, dear – it’s only Carla without her knickers on!”

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