TeenDreams Favorite Suzie Carina

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Suzie Carina is looking so hot in her sexy lingerie at the start of her latest TeenDreams photoshoot that I thought that no one would mind if I didn’t post a nude pic today! But then again, she’s looking even hornier once she’s taken the lingerie off, so I thought, what the heck! Let’s go with a nude pic! After all, you’ll all still be wanting to join TeenDreams to get hold of Suzie’s proper open-legged pics, won’t you! And that’s not even to mention the rest of Suzie Carina’s body of work at TeenDreams – a total of 51 image sets and 13 videos! If that’s not enough Suzie Carina to have you putting your hand into your pocket (to pay for your TeenDreams membership I meant!), then I don’t know what is!

Suzie Carina at TeenDreams

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Ending the Year with a Bang!

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I thought it would be good to end the year with a bang! So what better than four great cumshots from TeenDreams! And a very Happy New Year to everyone!

Boroka Borres and Nikki Miller get spunky at TeenDreamsSuzie Carina satisfies two cocks inside TeenDreamsCarla Cox gets covered in cum inside TeenDreams
Natalie gets cum on her tits and in her mouth at TeenDreams

You’ll find solo girls, girls getting off with other girls, and, of course, hundreds more girls in full-on hardcore action, all inside TeenDreams!

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Suzie Carina and Nessa Video at TeenDreams

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A brilliant photoset, featuring Suzie Carina and  Nessa, was released into the TeenDreams members’ area way back last summer (see “Suzie Carina Makes Out With TeenDreams New Girl Nessa“). It was – and still is – one of my favorite ever girl/girl image sets; two absolutely fabulous girls with a contagious enthusiasm for each other’s body! What more could you ask for, I wonder!

Well, TeenDreams have come up with the answer to that one! How about the same two gorgeous girls, in the same sexy lingerie, but this time on video! Perfect! The girls are so hot and horny that I challenge you to watch the whole video without cumming! I didn’t manage it! But, in my defense, I would point out that video lasts for twenty-nine exquisite minutes! You’ll need to join TeenDreams to get your hands on the full video, so here are a few little screenshots to get you in the mood…

Suzie Carina and Nessa making out on video at TeenDreams

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Hot Babes Making Out Together at TeenDreams!

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Andrea Wenc and Suzie Carina make out together on the sofa in this new photoset from TeenDreams! Andrea and Suzie are two of the hottest EuroBabes around, both stunning in their own right, but explosive together!

Suzie and Andrea kiss at TeenDreams

Both girls are gorgeous, but they contrast beautifully as well! Suzie Carina is very slim, with perky little tits, whereas Andrea Wenc is fuller-bodied, with voluptuous curves and fabulous full natural breasts!

Andrea exposes Suzies pert little titties

You can almost feel the sexual tension in the air as the girls undress each other! You can sense that they are being very disciplined, taking things more slowly than they would, just so the photographer can get some great shots for us!

Suzie Carina and Andrea Wenc make out at TeenDreams

But in the end, Andrea and Suzie really do let themselves go! Licking, finger-fucking, dildos; these girls know how to pleasure each other, and how to give absolute pleasure to the TeenDreams members, who have access to the full 239 image photoset!

And Andrea and Suzie would love for you to pleasure yourself looking at them! Join TeenDreams now and you could be in ecstacy, viewing their whole encounter, within minutes! Go on, you know the girls at TeenDreams will satisfy you time and time again!

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Work-Out with Suzie Carina and Thalia!

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Suzie Carina and Thalia at TeenDreamsThe girls strip off at TeenDreams

Suzie Carina and Thalia at TeenDreams These pictures are taken from a fabulous new photoset that appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area only yesterday! You may well already know the blonde girl, Suzie Carina, she’s a great favorite at TeenDreams, which is no surprise when you look at her cute face, those perky little tits and that perfect behind! Thalia, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer, this is only her second TeenDreams photoshoot! And, I have to say, Thalia is gorgeous as well! I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of her in the future! It’s her pretty smile and her narrow hips that do it for me!

And seeing Suzie and Thalia getting sexy in their work-out session will, no doubt, prompt plenty TeenDreams members to have an impromptu work-out of their own!

Wouldn’t you like to see everything that Suzie and Thalia get up to inside TeenDreams! Go on, take out a TeenDreams membership today! One thing’s for sure; you’ll use it a lot more than your regular gym membership!

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Suzie Carina Makes Out With TeenDreams New Girl Nessa

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This absolutely wonderful photoset appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area last week, and I should really apologise for keeping it from you for so long! The truth of the matter is that I like this set so much that each time I started looking through the pics to select some for the blog, well, let’s just say that I got a little carried away!

But that’s hardly surprising really! It’s a well-known fact that I am a great fan of Suzie Carina (just check all the previous posts about Suzie on this blog), and she’s looking absolutely amazing in this photoshoot! Her new hair color suits her perfectly, and her white bra, panties and hold up stockings are just spot-on in my book! And one of the things that make Suzie so adorable (and popular with the members at TeenDreams) is her enthusiasm when she is coupled with a partner (male or female)! And as you look through this photoset, you realise that she is exceptionally enthusiastic about new girl Nessa!

And who wouldn’t be! Nessa is an absolute doll! Perfect face, wonderful behind and perfect pussy! And those tits! Oh boy, I’d love to do something between those tits that Suzie couldn’t, if you get my drift! Yes, Nessa is perfect in every way, and she looks pretty tall too, you could well imagine her as a fashion model! So thank goodness that she chose to go down the glamour route with TeenDreams instead! Admittedly Nessa looks absolutely fabulous in her sexy little pink and white camisole and matching knickers, but what a shame it would have been if she hadn’t chosen to let us see her without them on as well!

And I know that I’m not alone in my appreciation of Suzie and Nessa’s photoset! Already it has rocketed to the number two position in the table of the TeenDreams members’ best rated sets, which is quite some accolade! Join TeenDreams now and you could be downloading a zip file containing all 347 images from this sequence in no time! And then you could show your appreciation of Suzie and Nessa in a most satisfying fashion! Which, incidentally, is what I’m about to do now! Again!!!

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Suzie Carina knows what we want!

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Suzie Carina is one of the most popular girls at TeenDreams, and I have to say that it’s very easy to see why! Especially when she’s wearing this sexy, totally see-through, blue dress! It’s very easy to see all of Suzie’s best features when she’s in this outfit!

Suzie starts off wearing the blue dress in her latest TeenDreams photoshoot, but it doesn’t take long before Suzie has slipped it right off and she’s clambering all over the couch with her gorgeous ass in the air, reaching round behind her to pull her butt cheeks apart. And then she’s laying back, pulling her pussy lips open! Oh yes, Suzie wants to make sure that the members get to see every last square inch of her svelte little body!

And then Suzie prepares her red vibrator, lubricating it in her mouth, before setting it to work on her hairless pussy, enjoying the sensations as she rubs it over her clitoris before plunging it deep inside of her! Suzie definitely knows what TeenDreams members want, and she gives it to them time after time!

And if you want Suzie, I have great news for you! Inside the members’ area at TeenDreams there are 46 photosets of Suzie and 10 videos of her as well! Join TeenDreams today and start downloading Suzie straight away! Your member will be very glad you did!

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Suzie Carina’s such a bad girl!

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Suzie Carina is caught smoking at TeenDreamsSuzie Carina shows off her sexy lingerie at TeenDreams
Suzie Carina is, as regular readers will already know, one of my favourite TeenDreams girls! But even I would be forced to admit that she can be a bad girl sometimes! But hey! Bad’s good, isn’t it, when you’re a sexy girl like Suzie! Well, it is in my book anyway!

And seldom has Suzie looked so bad, in a good way, as she does in this photoset from TeenDreams! She looks so horny in that lingerie, complete with suspenders and seamed stockings! And smoking too! When you see her like this, you can’t help but wonder just how bad she’s going to get later in the series!

And I can tell you, she does get very bad indeed! Once she’s undressed, Suzie uses a huge glass dildo on herself as she masturbates. You think she’s done well to take so much of it, but – oh my goodness! – not content with having taken it in her pussy, she takes it in her ass as well! I told you she’s a good bad good girl, didn’t I!

But, of course, if you want to see all that – and who wouldn’t – you’ll need to become a TeenDreams member! And once you are, you’ll be able to download over 4,800 images and 10 videos of Suzie! And after that, there are more than 5,600 other TeenDreams girls for you to get through! Ah well, it’s a hard life, but in a good way!

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In the bedroom with Gabriella and Suzie Carina

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Gabriella (who is also sometimes known as Piper Fawn) and Suzie Carina have both dressed up in some very sexy lingerie for this TeenDreams photoshoot which arrived in the members’ area just yesterday! Personally, I prefer Gabriella’s blue lingerie, not because of the colour, but rather because it is so see-through, plus I like the cut of her knickers (regular readers will know that I am rather partial to big knickers)! But that’s not to say that I don’t find Suzie’s choice alluring as well – I do! – and I love that little top that she has on over her bra! Very cute and girlie!

Gabriella begins her seduction of Suzie Carina at TeenDreams

Both of the girls look so darned sexy and hot in their underwear that I’d have been quite happy if they’d stayed dressed throughout the whole photoshoot! But if that would have made me happy, the fact that they don’t makes me positively ecstatic! But in any case, I think that the girls had other ideas! As you can see, Gabriella and Suzy couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other’s bodies!

Gabriella and Suzie start to undress and caress at TeenDreamsGabriella pulls at Suzie Carina's bra, so eager is she to get at her tits!

And once they’ve undressed each other, they’re all over each other with their fingers and mouths! And then they pleasure each other to orgasm with their dildos!

Suzie Carina works Gabriella's pussy with her dildo at TeenDreams

The only thing better than watching these two horny girls going for it in this photoset is to actually be there yourself! But – let’s face it – the chance of that happening is pretty slim, so why not consider a more practical proposition! Leave nothing to chance! Join TeenDreams today and download all 255 images from this fabulous photoset onto your hard disc now! Then you can watch Gabriella and Suzie whenever you desire! Go on, you know it makes sense!

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I’m Mandy, Drive Me!

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“It’s a hot and sunny summer day, and a beautiful young lady is walking along a country road. Nothing unusual in that, you may say! But look at the way she’s dressed, my dear Watson; flimsy evening dress, showy little handbag, high heels! Not the attire one would usually associate with a quiet stroll in the country, I would suggest!”

“By Jove, Holmes, you are right! And look,” added the good Doctor, “the poor lady is bereft of undergarments! What on earth could have happened to her! Should we proffer our assistance, Holmes!”

“Relax, my good friend, and listen! Do you not hear that automobile in the distance! I fancy that the young lady’s knight in shining armour may be not too far away, and this affair may reach a more than satisfying conclusion if we do not expose ourselves!”

Watson could not resist the opportunity to test further the great sleuth’s powers of observation and deduction, and so he asked “Can you tell me any more of the vehicle and its occupants, at this juncture, Holmes?”

“Most certainly, Watson! I have sufficient information at my disposal to be able to tell you exactly how this episode will play out!”

“You cannot have, Holmes, we have seen nothing of it yet!”

“On the contrary, my dear Doctor! The young lady before us goes by the name of Mandy, and the fast approaching car is being driven by another girl of tender years, whose name, if I am not very much mistaken, is Suzie Carina! I can tell from the engine note that she is in a hurry, and can only surmise that she has borrowed her daddy’s car on the pretext of going to the library, but is – in fact – on the way to a secret assignation with the aforementioned Mandy!”

“I cannot believe a word of this, Holmes!”, blustered Watson! “You must be making this up! I suppose that you are going to tell me the exact nature of their devious and tawdry rendez-vous as well, Holmes!”

“Oh, there is nothing devious here, Watson, nor anything tawdry! ’tis the oldest story in the book! Young love, pure and simple! Now hush – the car approaches!”

The two companions crouched down so that they could observe with being observed themselves, and Watson watched with growing astonishment as the whole scene played out just as Holmes had foretold! As the girls began to fulfill their natural lesbian wants and desires, with the aid of a large plastic device, Holmes could not help but notice that it was not only Watson’s astonishment that was growing, but he did not comment on this observation, so as to save his friend’s blushes!

After the two girls had climaxed, Holmes and Watson set off home. The Doctor was unusually quiet, and went straight to his room on their return to Baker Street. At breakfast the next morning, the good Doctor asked hesitanty “My dear Holmes, I have been up half the night thinking about what we saw yesterday, and the uncanny way in which you were able to foretell everything! Please enlighten me on your deductive process, my good friend!”

“It was elimentary, my dear Watson; the previous evening, when you were busy playing rummy with Lestrade and your other cronies, you will recall that I was ensconced in my room, having given clear instructions to Mrs Hudson that I was not to be disturbed! Well, simply put – and I know I can speak frankly of this matter, as you are a medical man, Watson, and will not be shocked at what I about to tell you – I was pleasuring myself as I previewed the entire sequence of 172 images, depicting Mandy and Suzie’s romantic meeting inside the members’ area of the most excellent TeenDreams website! You should try it for yourself, Watson! They have more beautiful young ladies inside than you could ever dream of!”

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