Melanie wants you to watch her!

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Melanie at TeenDreamsThis cutie pie is Melanie, and it’s her first time at TeenDreams! And I must say, she looks a little coy, but that’s quite cute!

Some girls get straight into it, like Jana who we looked at three posts back, and I applaud them! But not all girls are the same – and that’s part of the beauty of TeenDreams; there are all sorts of girls inside! However you chose to differentiate, you can always find what you’re after – a brazen teenage hussy, a coy shy type, a glamour model, a short haired lesbian, they’re all there!

Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that our Melanie – although she clearly has very short hair (and not just on her head, by the way!) – is a lesbian, I really don’t know if she is or not. She may even like the best of both worlds – which would, in turn, mean that TeenDreams members would get the best of both worlds too! I hope that one day we shall find out!

In actual fact, I know very little about Melanie, other than that she comes from Kiev, and that when she takes off her top, she reveals to the world (ok, I’m exaggerating – she reveals to the TeenDreams members) that she has the cutest pair of little tits imaginable, capped off with perfectly-formed large pink nipples! What a teen dream she is!

Melanie’s top says “Watch me now”! Hmmm, I wonder what she thought the TeenDreams would be doing! Oh, on second thoughts, don’t answer that! :oops:

You know, TeenDreams members have access to more than 5,600 girls, to – ahem – watch! That’s not bad – one a day for over fifteen years! And with more girls being added all the time, you’d probably best join TeenDreams today before you get left behind!

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