Vladivostok Valja

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Valja at TeenDreamsValja at TeenDreams
When was the last time that you were enjoying a stroll in the countryside and you happened across a buxom wench frolicking naked in the sunshine?

No? Me neither!

Maybe we’d have more luck if we lived near Vladivostok in Russia, for this is where these pictures were taken!

And the buxom wench is called Valja Mudrik! What d’you think – she’s amazing, isn’t she? Such full, womanly curves! And yet – can you imagine – she was still only 18 year old when these pictures were taken!

Naturally, TeenDreams members don’t have to imagine too hard, because there are already five image sets featuring Valja for them to download or view on-line! If you set up a slide show of all her pics, and set each pic to display for, say, 2 seconds, it would take over sixteen minutes before it reached the end! Of course, Valya’s such a comely maiden that you might reach the end a bit before that!

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