In detention with Eva and Lucy!

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Girls! Girls! Girls! You know that eating’s not allowed in detention!…

Eva and Lucy in detention at TeenDreams

… Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t send you both straight to the Principal!

Oh dear! It looks as if Eva and Lucy are in trouble again! They’re in detention, I wonder what they’ve been caught doing this time? Maybe they were seen round behind the bicycle shed lending some boys a helping hand (again!)? Or maybe they were touching themselves under the desk in Comp. Sci. (again!)? Who knows with these two! And to make matters even worse, they’ve now been caught eating their sandwiches in detention!

Fortunately the girls think on their feet and avoid further punishment! Other than the punishment that they give to each other’s pussies, that is!

Well, in that case…

Eva and Lucy show what exceptional girls they are at TeenDreams

… I’ll make an exception this one time!

Yesterday the full image set of Eva and Lucy was released into the TeenDreams members’ area! You don’t get to see the girls getting caught by their lecturer (that was pure fantasy on my behalf), but you do get to see these two gorgeous teenage girls undress each other and then get each other off with their fingers and tongues, right there in their classroom!

You know you want to see the whole sequence of 120 pictures of these teen nympos! So don’t punish yourself! Live your dream and join TeenDreams today!

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