Ella prefers blondes too, gentlemen!

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Ella with Monika Sweet at TeenDreams

Take a look at these two! Pretty hot, don’t you think? The blonde is Monika Sweet. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and already a firm favourite at TeenDreams – there are already 27 photosets and seven movies featuring Monika in the members’ area! And the brunette with her is called Ella, and I’d not seen her before! Horny though, and I love the top she’s wearing – the way you can just make out her nipple through the thin material! Ella really gets into the girlie love too, especially once the girls start with the dildo!

That series would have made a great start to Ella’s TeenDreams collection. But there’s even more! The same day that the photoset with Monika came out, another set featuring Ella was also released into the TeenDreams members’ area – and guess what – Ella’s getting off with another hot blonde, this time an absolute babe called Danni!

Ella with Danni at TeenDreams

As you can see from the pic, Ella wastes no time in putting her hand up Danni’s skirt! Her encounter with Monika must have given her the taste for lesbian love! Danni is not slow to respond either, and soon the two girls are getting to work on each other’s pussies, making another really steamy photo sequence for TeenDreams members to get hot under the collar about!

I think that Ella is bound to become a favourite with TeenDreams members! Especially if she keeps bedding gorgeous blondes like Monika and Danni with such obvious enthusiam! But gentlemen who prefer blondes should beware! They now face some stiff competition from Ella!

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