A Good Week for Tina Lovers!

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It was not an easy job choosing which of the images from Tina’s latest photoset to use here on the blog, as this was one of the hottest Tina shoots ever! I couldn’t quite say “the hottest ever” because of Tina’s hardcore set (which is also from TeenDreams), that would take some beating! But even so, I’m sure that there will have been plenty of TeenDreams members doing some beating of their own to this new photoset in which we see Tina taking off her sexy lingerie and masturbating! In fact, it’s been good week at TeenDreams for Tina lovers, because another video of this gorgeous girl arrived in the members’ area last week as well! Tina now has 8 videos and 16 image sets at TeenDreams!

P.S. Tina is also known as Hana Skrabalova and Tinna too.

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Tina (Hana Skrabalova) Hardcore!

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From the first time that I saw Tina (aka Hana Skrabalova) back in 2007, I was totally taken with her! I love her cheeky little face and those perky little tits! But best of all are her firm round ass and her neat pussy! And in the past week two more image sets of this gorgeous girl have appeared inside TeenDreams!

Tina from TeenDreamsHana Skrabalova (Tina) shows off her perky little titties

Tina sucks and fucks inside TeenDreams

The first is a very nice solo-girl set! Tina is looking as good as ever, and Tina does what we know and love her for; she seductively strips out of a very sexy dress before taking down her panties and revealing her ass and pussy to our members! Perfect! Can it get any better? Perfect can’t be improved on, surely?

Well, Tina can improve on perfect! And she does! Because the second of Tina’s new photosets is a first! Check out the pic on the right!

Yes, Tina finally appearing with a guy in full on hardcore action! This lovely girl sucks and fucks his cock until finally he cums on her tongue, his spunk dripping down onto her perfect little titties!

There are more pics from this brilliant scene in Tina’s hardcore image gallery!

But to get the whole 179 image sequence, as well as 12 more photosets and five videos featuring Tina, you’ll be needing to join TeenDreams!

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These are a few of my favorite girls!

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Tina shows off her titties at TeenDreams

One of my friends who reads the TeenDreamsBlog (“Only out of interest, you understand?” – yeah, right!) asked me who is my favorite of all the TeenDreams girls.

Well, that’s a tricky one! There are more than 5,600 of them! And you know how it is; one day you might really fancy one girl, the next day another may be just the thing! So very hard to make a single choice! But that always has been my trouble!

Certainly there would be a few contenders who spring to mind Alina, Anna Jitkova, Denisa, Monika Vesela, Sara, Zuzana and Zuzanna Chlubna to name but a few!

But I was being pressed, and so I had to come to a decision! After much soul searching I chose Tina! Lovely face, great little titties and possibly the nost beautiful pussy and ass in the world!

Of course, ask me the same question tomorrow and you’ll probably get a different answer! But for now, Tina’s the one for me!

Great pussy and ass- Tina from TeenDreams

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Aiden, Nikita and Tina TeenDreams Threesome

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Aiden, Nikita and Tina together at TeenDreams

Three lovely teens, Aiden, Nikita and Tina, are already stripped down to their sexy lingerie, and ready for some steamy girl-on-girl action! They have to control themselves at first though, as they are asked to pose together so that we can admire the girls’ beauty, but soon they are unleashed and in no time they are all naked, and the bed becomes a writhing mass of arms and legs, tongues and pussies, fabulous little titties and pert round behinds! It’s like everywhere you look there’s girlie flesh on show, and it’s hard to keep track of who is doing what and with whom! But you won’t care as you settle back to watch the full 120 picture photoset inside TeenDreams! You’ll be way too busy!

Teenage lesbian threesomeAiden and Nikita kiss, as Tina licks Nikitas pussy at TeenDreams

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Tina and Michaela get together at TeenDreams!

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Tina and Michaela kiss at TeenDreamsIt seems that everyone loves Tina! Not only is she incredibly popular with the members at TeenDreams, but now it seems that Michaela wants a piece of the action! And who am I to argue! They make such a perfect couple!

And this photoset from TeenDreams captures the beauty of both girls perfectly as well! Michaela and Tina are both absolutely beautiful in their own right, and they contrast perfectly, the blonde and the brunette! And once the towels have dropped to the floor, they are both absolutely naked and there is so much gorgeous girlie flesh on display that you might be overcome with desire for these two girls! Especially if you do the wise thing and join TeenDreams so that you can view all 325 images from this photoshoot! And with more than 5,600 more girls like Tina and Michaela about, TeenDreams will be sure to keep you satisfied!
Tina and Michaela - beautiful girlfriends

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TeenDreams Tina Changes in Double Quick Time!

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Lady in red net - Tina from TeenDreamsTeenDreams Tina in her sexy lingerie

Tina is all wet at TeenDreams I was more than happy when I logged in to the members’ area at TeenDreams this morning and found that one of yesterday’s updates was a new photoset from one of my three most favorite TeenDreams girls of the moment, the gorgeous Tina! And when I settled back to review the pics using the TeenDreams “Handsfree Set Viewer” (as you do), I thought that my birthday must have come early this year, ‘cos the new photoset does, in fact, consist of three different image sequences! And, I must say, Tina is looking absolutely fabulous in each of them!

In one she is wearing a very sexy red net dress! I bet that if Tina were to wear that dress out to a club or something, she’s probably wear a nice red bra and panties set with it, but in these pictures she’s wearing it with no underwear at all! It hides nothing of this perfect girl’s fabulous body! Imagine trying to talk to her when she’s looking like that! It would be so hard not to be constantly ogling her breasts, or even looking further down!

And then there’s the photoset where Tina is wearing that so so sexy black and pink lingerie! Forget about worrying about going to the club! Just get her indoors into the bedroom in that outfit! Whew!

But perhaps my favorite of the three image sequences is the one in which Tina starts off in a white bra and knickers set, along with white fishnet hold-ups and high-heels! And Tina is such a good girl that she knows to take her bra and panties off, but leave the stockings and shoes on, even though she’s in the garden! And I don’t know how Tina came to get wet, but – my oh my! – I’m glad she did! The moisture glistening on her fabulous naked body is simply the icing on the cake!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and get all of Tina’s pictures and videos when you join TeenDreams! There are 1,280 pictures and 4 great videos of Tina inside the members’ area for you to download!

TeenDreams Tina shows us her perfect ass and pussy

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Tina’s Morning Glory!

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TeenDreams TinaTina from TeenDreams

Regular readers will already know that I am a huge fan of Tina, everything about her is “just right”; her gorgeous pout, those perky tits, that fantastic behind and last – but definitely not least – her beautiful shaved pussy!

And I had a dream about Tina last night, probably because I already knew that I would be writing about her in the blog this morning! I’ll have to start writing about her every day!

But before I could concentrate properly on writing, I had the more pressing matter of my morning glory to attend to! Fortunately, I have lots of Tina on the computer in my bedroom, and a wonderful TeenDreams movie of Tina in the shower did the trick!

And all TeenDreams members have plenty of Tina to satisfy them! There are 9 photosets (1,150 images) and 3 great videos of Tina inside the members’ area! Join TeenDreams today and you could get your hands on all that, and pics and videos of more than 5,600 other fantastic girls as well! Just think about all that teen pussy, you know you want some!

Tina from TeenDreams shows off her pussy and ass

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TeenDreams Tina Becomes Aroused!

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Tina from TeenDreamsTina shows you just how moist her pussy is at TeenDreams

It’s always a pleasure to be able to bring you some pictures of Tina, there’s something about her that does it for me, every time! I think it’s the combination of her cute little face, with those full pouty lips, and, of course, her body! Those perfectly formed perky titties, that tight round behind, and that oh-so-perfect, perfectly hairless, pussy!

And when you look at the original of the pic on the right, which is much larger and of much higher resolution, you can’t help but notice just how moist Tina’s little pussy is! Perhaps Tina gets aroused at the thought of exposing herself to all the TeenDreams members – perhaps just as aroused as we all get looking at her like that, imagining what it would feel like to have a lovely tight teen like Tina!

And although Tina is an individual, a one-of-a-kind, you can be sure that there are plenty of lovely tight teens like Tina waiting for you inside TeenDreams, all of them competing for your attention, all wanting to become one of your favourite girls, all wanting you to vote for them! Yes, there are more than 5,600 girls inside TeenDreams! Would you like a sneak preview at some of them? Well, take a look at theTeenDreams free tour! You’ll see lots of the girls there, and you’ll find out more about the delights that TeenDreams can offer you!

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Can Tina tempt you to come inside?

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I’ve brought Tina to see you once again! She’s one of my favourite “new” girls, and I know that I am not alone in this! She’s certainly proving very popular with the TeenDreams members as well! And why wouldn’t she be! I mean, just look at her sultry expression and those full, pouting lips! Those pert little titties that look so good in her little bikini, and which look even better once she starts to strip off! And her gorgeous pussy, and those fabulous buttocks! Oh, don’t let me get started on Tina’s behind, I’d be here all day! And for such a sweet girl, she is not at all coy about showing everything that she has! And I do mean everything!

And I bet you’d like to see every part of Tina, wouldn’t you! You’d like to gaze on this lovely teen’s most intimate parts as you imagine what you’d do with her! And inside TeenDreams, there are now six full photosets and one video of Tina… imagine the fun you could be having with her! And then consider that there are more than 5,000 girls inside TeenDreams spreading their legs for you! Don’t you want to come inside! Why don’t you have a look at the TeenDreams free tour, and then, once you’ve seen just how fabulous the girls are, you could give yourself a special treat, and join up today!

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Tina’s in the bathroom!

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Screenshots of TeenDreams Tina in the bathroomThese screenshots are taken from Tina’s first video for TeenDreams! And I can tell you, if you’ve enjoyed Tina’s photos, then you really will love her video!

Some girls look great in pictures, but on video they disappoint. With others, it’s the other way around. But Tina, well, she never disappoints!

Tina looks every bit as good on video as she does in stills. And she moves nicely too – she’s not hesitant and faltering, she doesn’t look embarassed when the videographer lowers his angle so that we can get a better look at her pussy or bum, but on the other hand she isn’t un-ladylike either, she has poise and finesse that belie her tender years.

Yes, you guessed it, I like her! :)

At the start of the video Tina is wearing nothing but a totally see-through, very very short, pink mini skirt, which she never takes off! But no matter, it is so short and so see-through that we’ll have no trouble seeing everything, especially once she’s seated on the side of the bath and spreading her legs for us!

This is one of the shorter TeenDreams videos, lasting slightly over five minutes; but, heck, if you outlast the video, you can always play it again! Or watch a slideshow of the three Tina photosets that are already in the TeenDreams members’ area! In any case, chances are that you’ll be needing that shower yourself by the time you’ve finished with Tina!

Naturally, you will need a TeenDreams membership to download all of Tina’s pics and her video! And don’t forget that there are over 5,000 girls inside TeenDreams – as well as Tina! – and you can see some of them on the TeenDreams free tour! Hope to see you inside TeenDreams soon!

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