In Lena’s room…

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Today we are going to visit the lovely Lena!

When you walk into her room, she is laying on the bed, completely naked! She greets you, and you feel a familiar stirring “down below” as you run your eyes over her; her lovely cute face, her svelte figure, the perfection of her pert little titties and beautiful shaven pussy!

She indicates that you are to lay across the bed, and she takes your cock in her little hand, and – almost involuntarily – you reach out and grab a handful of her tiny behind. You can feel yourself grow as she slowly strokes your member, and the anticipation of the moment when she will part her lips and you will feel the wet warmth of her mouth around your cock is almost unbearable!

Lena strokes your cock at TeenDreams

Oh my! That feels so good! Lena is such a great little cocksucker! But don’t you want a better view of the action? You roll her over onto her back, and kneeling over her, you offer your cock up to her mouth! Lena is so diminutive As you look down, you view your own engorged manhood against Lena’s pretty face, and you twitch as you realise just how diminutive this lovely teen is!

Of course, all of the above is pure fiction, fantasy, or dreams, whatever you would like to call it! But the pictures speak for themselves, don’t they! They say that Lena is an absolutely gorgeous teen girl who wanks and sucks cock on camera at TeenDreams!

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