Brown-eyed Honey!

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This lovely teenager is Honey, and she is another of the new girls that the TeenDreams guys photographed when they were in Prague this October, although Honey herself comes from Brno which is about 60 miles from the Czech capital. Still, she made the journey to meet up with them, and I’m glad she did! Already, two photosets of Honey have been released into the TeenDreams members’ area and she is proving to be very popular! And it’s easy to see why!

New girl Honey looks a little nervous at TeenDreamsHoney leans back in her fuck me lingerie at TeenDreams

The picture on the left is from Honey’s first photoset. From her expression, I’m guessing that she may have been a little nervous! After all, it must be a strange experience for an eighteen year old girl, who’s probably not that experienced, to strip off and be photographed naked by a team of people she’s only just met! And not only naked, but with her legs spread as well! And maybe that’s why they thought it best to start her off in her normal clothes, to help her feel more at ease – not that I’m complaining! She looks hot in those little denim shorts, don’t you think? But I can tell you that she looks even hotter once she starts stripping off! Whew!

For her second photoshoot, they got her to dress up in some proper “fuck me” lingerie, as you can see from the pic on the right! Personally, I love that second pic! She’s still looking a bit unsure, but she’s leaning back with her cute little tits on display, and her legs apart – and, I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, you can just make out a hint of the contours of her pussy lips through her panties!

TeenDreams members don’t have to risk making themselves go blind trying to see Honey’s pussy though! Because, in no time, she’s taken her knickers off and is spreading – and you can’t help but look at her pussy when Honey poses like that!

So there you are! Another fresh face at TeenDreams!

I bet that Honey has whetted your appetite, and you’d like to see more TeenDreams girls! Check out the TeenDreams free tour to see some more of the honeys that TeenDreams have to offer!

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