Elena Looks Great in Denim Shorts!

Elena from TeenDreamsElena Looks Great in her Denim Shorts

A few days ago, a new girl arrived at TeenDreams! Her name was Elena, and her first photoshoot starts off with her wearing a little black dress, black fishnet hold-up stockings, and, as became apparent very quickly, no knickers! And as I appreciated Elena in the time-honoured and most enjoyable fashion, I made a mental note to write about Elena’s first TeenDreams photoshoot today!

But, as they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men”! Elena’s first photoshoot has just been trumped! By her second one! Oh my goodness! Just look at Elena’s little ass in those ever-so small denim shorts! Perfect! Elena, or maybe her photographer, went a little mad with the scissors! But, hey, who’s complaining! I’m certainly not! And, again, it soon becomes clear that Elena’s not wearing panties under those either! And I don’t just mean when she takes them off! Which, of course, she does, being a good TeenDreams girl! And then you’ll see that, not only has Elena a great ass, but she has a totally hairless pussy too!

Join TeenDreams straight away so that you too will be able to appreciate Elena in the time-honoured fashion as well! Which, incidentally, is exactly what I’m about to do, again, just as soon as I’ve saved this post!

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