Blonde Teen Aimee does Hardcore inside TeenDreams

If you like your teens blonde, petite and innocent looking, then you’re in for a real treat, because Aimee from TeenDreams is all those things, and more! And she looks so cute there, sitting on the sofa reading her book, her long blonde hair in ponytails and her skirt so short that you get the occasional glimpse of her cotton knickers. My goodness, this girl is just so sexy, but the best thing is that she really doesn’t have any idea of what she’s got!

Blonde teen Aimee from TeenDreams

The same can’t be said of her boyfriend though! He knows exactly what Aimee’s got, and he wants it! And what you don’t see in the third pic is that he’s already naked, and stiff as a rod! Well, wouldn’t you be, knowing that you’re going to be fucking Aimee just as soon as you’ve got her skirt and knickers off! And I can tell you, if you think Aimee looks cute and tiny now, wait ’til you see her with his cock up her! Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! But Aimee loves it, and lets him fuck her right there on the leather sofa! And when he’s ready to cum, she gets on her knees and offers up her pretty little face to him! I guess she figured it was a lot easier to wash her face than to explain spunk stains on the upholstery!

Join TeenDreams now to download Aimee’s full photoset. And just in case you need a little extra persuasion; in addition to Aimee’s 134 photos, there is a hardcore video of Aimee getting fucked as well! And you can download it just as soon as you’ve joined TeenDreams! Just be careful of the upholstery!

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