Kari – Beautiful Bikini Teen

Beautiful teen Kari is looking so hot (in a sexy way) as she poses on the rocks in her new cerise pink bikini. But, of course, she looks even hotter once she took the top off though, because Kari has such fabulous tits! And when you look at the close-ups of Kari’s breasts in the full image set from TeenDreams, you can see how her nipples are still a little puffy! No wonder she’s got tan lines on her boobs; if she went topless on the beach, she’d never get a moment’s peace from all the guys ogling her and trying to hit on her! So maybe that’s why they decided to do this photoshoot up on the rocks, away from all that attention!

Beautiful bikini teen Kari

And when Kari takes her bikini bottoms off, you’ll realise that Kari is just about perfect “down there” as well, having such a smooth neat pussy! And the photographer used the rock slope to his advantage; there are plenty of nude pics of Kari looking up at her from below!

Kari lays back naked in the sunshineYou can download Kari’s full photoset (124 images) once you’ve joined TeenDreams! And after that, you might well get Kari’s other photoset and her video too! And after that, you might even find time for some of the other 6,000 or so girls that TeenDreams have for you!

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