Irina – smallest, roundest bum – ever?

Irina from TeenDreamsIrina from TeenDreams
Irina from TeenDreamsThis lovely teenage girl is Irina, and she’s an absolute honey, don’t you think! Body-wise, Irina is blessed with wonderful tits, but it’s her behind that my eyes are constantly drawn to! From my previous posts, you may have gathered that I am not normally a great fan of thongs – I always feel that a girl needs to have the smallest and roundest bum to look really good in them – but as you can see, Irina doesn’t just look good in them, she looks great in them! Of course, some might say that she looks even better without them, and it is hard to disagree with that too!

Irina has a lot in common with Marina who I introduced to you yesterday! Irina is also nineteen, she comes from Russia, these pics are from her first TeenDreams set, and they were taken on the same day in October as Marina’s pictures were, and they were even taken by the same photographer!

So, I bet you’re thinking exactly what I thought when I first heard that! Irina and Marina in the same studio on the same day! Surely the TeenDreams guys wouldn’t miss such an opportunity? They must have at least tried to persuade the girls to do a set together? Well, the great news is that these two lovely nineteen year olds did do a lesbian photoset for TeenDreams! And one day next week we’ll have some of the pics for you on the blog! If, on the other hand, you can’t wait that long, you could be downloading them in just minutes from now, simply by joining TeenDreams today!

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