Veronika A Takes a Shower at TeenDreams

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I am, I have to admit, particularly partial to Veronika F; she’s lean, blonde and sexy, and regularly strips off for TeenDreams! What’s not to love, as they say!

And this shower scene from Veronika F is one of my favourites! It’s not just yet another shower scene though, it’s got some stuff going on that sets it aside from the rest! When we first see Veronika, she is wearing nothing more than her white lacy knickers, which she pulls down to around her thighs, which makes them look a bit like the tops of hold up stockings, and is kind of sexy in itself in a strange way. And then, for whatever reason, Veronika decides she needs to wash her breasts over the sink, and in so doing discovers that the corner of the bowl is just the right height to rub herself against! By the way, did you know that getting sexual pleasure from rubbing yourself against an inanimate object is called ‘frottaging’? Still, I digress…

Veronika F gets sexy in the shower room

Anyway, Veronika F then decides that it’s time to lose her panties entirely and to get into the shower. In fact, that’s the only ‘trick’ they missed with this photoset, it would have been nice to see Veronika’s panties get soaking wet, but hey, you can’t have everything! Even so, we are treated to loads of gorgeous pics of Veronika’s body, naked and wet! And what’s more, Veronika gets her hair wet as well, which I know that some guys have a particular ‘thing’ for too!

So, all in all, there’s more than enough to keep your interest up throughout this wonderful 135 image photoset! And you can download the whole thing as one handy zip file once you have joined TeenDreams, which is, after all, the best teen/babe oriented site on the web!

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Tea Jul – Hardcore at TeenDreams!

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Did you know that famous Czech model Tea Jul – yes, the one with the fabulous natural tits and huge, yet perfect, nipples – has done hardcore? No, neither did I, until this morning!

And how did I find out? I was trawling through the archives in the members’ area at TeenDreams, when I came across this photoset of Tea Jul with a guy! I could scarcely believe my eyes! The pics were obviously taken very early in Tea’s career, and we get to see her sucking, fucking, and then getting a well-deserved facial! Excellent!

And as if that isn’t enough, there’s a Tea Jul hardcore video as well! I have to confess that I haven’t watched that yet; I’m going to wait until I get home for that one, so that I can give it my proper attention! And ‘appreciation’!

So, to get your hands on Tea Jul’s early hardcore – 200 images and more that 25 minutes of video – then go ahead and join TeenDreams! You could be watching Czech superbabe Tea Jul sucking and fucking just minutes from now!

Tea Jul in hardcore action at TeenDreams

P.S. Tea Jul isn’t the only top model who has done hardcore at TeenDreams early in her career; check out my posts about Chiara, ‘Olivia (Chiara A) Hardcore Gallery!‘, and Zuzana Zeleznovova, ‘Zuzana gets fucked!‘, for a couple more examples of top girls fucking for TeenDreams!

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Dulce – Cute New Teen Model at TeenDreams

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This lovely smiling girl is Dulce, she is one of the newest teenage models at TeenDreams. These pictures are taken from her first ever TeenDreams photoshoot, and didn’t they dress her up well for it! Just like a typical teen, in her t-shirt, pleated denim mini skirt and white fishnet tights! And, oh my goodness, when she takes off her t-shirt you see she’s wearing a cute strawberry print training bra! But as much of a turn-on as that little bra is, it’s nothing compared to her perky little tits; they are wonderful! And Dulce doesn’t display any first time nerves, because once has taken off her tights and knickers, she’s straight onto her pussy’s case, masturbating with her dildo! Dulce is a girl that teen lovers will not want to miss out on! Join TeenDreams right away and you’ll be downloading Dulce’s full image set in no time!

New cute and sexy teen Dulce

P.S. As well as Dulce’s photoset, there is also a video of this lovely girl stripping and masturbating! And they are both waiting for you inside TeenDreams!

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Eufrat in her Dirtiest Hardcore Photoset Ever!

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When Eufrat came first to TeenDreams, back in 2005, she was a fabulous looking teen babe, and since then her popularity has mushroomed, making her one of the popular glamour models in the world! And TeenDreams have stayed with Eufrat over all this time – there are now 32 image sets and 8 videos of Eufrat for TeenDreams members to download. But one thing that Eufrat has done only seldom over the years is hardcore (you can read about Eufrat’s earlier hardcore photoset in our post from January 2008 entitled “Pssst!… You wanna see Eufrat Fuck?“).

But this week TeenDreams published Eufrat’s newest and dirtiest hardcore photoset ever! All 200 pictures of it! And if that sounds like a lot of pics, well, there’s a lot to fit in! Not only do we see Eufrat sucking and fucking in all sorts of positions, but for part of the set the guy has Eufrat blindfolded and handcuffed, and at different times he uses various sex toys on her – and yes, on her ass too!

Here is a link to Eufrat’s dirtiest hardcore gallery yet. But, as always, you’ll be wanting to join TeenDreams to get your hands on Eufrat’s full photoset!

Eufrat in her dirtiest hardcore scene to date

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Busty and Blonde – Carli from TeenDreams

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Even the most ardent teen fancier craves sometimes for a proper, good-sized, pair of boobs! Well, at any rate, I do! And TeenDreams can help you out there too! You’re unlikely to find a better pair of tits than those belonging to the lovely Carli! Her stats say that she is a ‘C’ cup, but, I don’t know about you, they look bigger than that to me! Or maybe it’s just her otherwise petite frame that gives that impression! Either way, though, wow! But there’s more to Carli than her fabulous natural tits! She’s beautiful, for one thing, and she’s got one of the roundest – and firmest – asses that you’re likely to come across! Add to that a pretty and neat hairless pussy, and you get an explosive combination! And inside TeenDreams, there are four great photosets featuring Carli! In fact, there are over 1.4 million images and 1,400 movies available for TeenDreams members to download! So why explode anywhere else!

Carli shows off her amazing body inside TeenDreams

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Aina – Is that the mouth you kiss your mother with?

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There sure are some pretty teens about, and Aina from TeenDreams is a prime example! And doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent when we first see her in her bedroom! But how looks can deceive! Because once her boyfriend arrives on the scene, sweet Aina doesn’t take much persuading – if any – to get down and dirty! And as you can see from the pictures below, she is transformed from innocent to spunky-faced teen! You might be tempted to ask her “Is that the mouth you kiss your mother with?”!  But then again, you might be even more tempted to join TeenDreams in order to see everything that goes on – and comes off – between those two pictures!

Pretty teen Aina gets a facial at TeenDreams

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Blonde Teen Paris

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It’s hard when the weather is really hot and sunny and you’re not used to it! Not because of the warmth, that’s nice, but because when you go out – and especially if you live in a big town or city – it seems that you’re surrounded by gorgeous teenage girls in their summer clothes! And “summer clothes” often means “not a lot”!

And when you get home again, you find that you’re horny as hell! You might start to think about the girls that you saw, but then you start to think that you’d like to see more teens, but showing more, to inspire your imagination as you relieve the sexual tension that has built up over the day!

And that’s where TeenDreams comes in! Where else are you going to find more than 6,100 naked girls for you to ogle in private! And, I promise you, you’ll find girls inside TeenDreams every bit as sexy as even the hottest teen that you saw on your travels!

Take Paris, for example! Blonde and oh-so-pretty! And in this photoset she starts off in a vest top, panties, and hooped hold-ups! Very sexy! But it all comes off (except for the stockings)! And watching this teenage girl spread her pussy lips wide for you, you might well come off too!

Join TeenDreams and enjoy Paris and all of the other TeenDreams girls too!

Enjoy this sexy blonde teen in private at TeenDreams

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Emily18 – for old times’ sake!

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Emily18 at TeenDreamsTeenDreams is so vast and so long-established that it never ceases to offer up some wonderful surprises! For example, look who I found in the members’ archives the other day; none other than the iconic – and iconoclastic – Emily18!

In 2008 Emily18 appeared as a guest model at TeenDreams, and our members can still access those images; 120 pictures that were cherry-picked from some of Emily18′s most memorable photosets! In fact, weren’t they all pretty memorable! Emily18 was both cute and dirty at the same time, and – oh man! – didn’t she fill out a pair of knickers to perfection!

But however much you like one girl, even is she’s as nice as Emily18, inevitably you will want to look at others after a while! And that’s where TeenDreams really comes into it’s own! TeenDreams has more than 5,600 girls for your enjoyment! And you can always go back to Emily18 when the mood takes you! Join TeenDreams today for all those girls!

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Tonya Gets Them Out

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When you first see Tonya in her black jacket and white jeans, you can’t help but think what a pretty girl she is! But you wouldn’t have any idea of the fabulous pair of tits that she’s packing under that jacket! Fortunately, though, Tonya is so proud of her titties that she’s always prepared to get them out for an appreciative audience, even if it is freezing cold and there’s snow all around! And inside TeenDreams Tonya pulls down her jeans and panties as well, which is very much appreciated!

Tonya gets them out in the snow

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Blake – Beautiful Blond Teen

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Blake pulls her top downThis beautiful blonde teenager is Blake from TeenDreams! She looks so shy and innocent, doesn’t she, as she starts to undress for us, pulling her top down to reveal her cute little front-loading pink bra (and we’ll find out later that she’s wearing matching knickers too).

And once she’s taken everything off, we’ll see that Black has a fabulous teen body, great tits and a perfectly smooth and hairless pussy! Just perfect!

And as the photoshoot progresses, Blake warms to her new career as a nude model, and really opens up! So much so that by the end she is planting one end of a huge double-ended dildo deep inside her!

Blake has two videos as well as her debut image set available for download inside TeenDreams! And with over 5,600 other gorgeous teen models, why wouldn’t you want to join TeenDreams!

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